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ISCC Audit-Ready Guide

AOF Grower Audit Ready Guide for ISCC Compliance

This on-line guide is designed to assist Australian canola producers certified to supply canola to Europe prepare for  an imminent or potential EU audit. The aim of the guide is to simplify as best as is possible the audit process a grower may be required to complete in order to supply ISCC certified canola. 

The audit, and therefore this guide, is based on the six principles of International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) in document ISCC 202-01 title “Checklist for the Control of Sustainability Requirements for the Production of Biomass.  The three parts to this guide are:

PART 1:    Audit Checklist is based on the ISCC 202 “must” have list.  If you can ‘tick’ all the boxes, you are ready for an ISCC audit. If you are unsure whether you meet the requirements for any item, click on that item for more details in Part 2.

PART 2:    Documents, plans and information that an Australian grower may need in order to demonstrate that their farming operation complies with ISCC principles.  This section provides more details and examples of the sort of documents and actions to help a grower reassure the auditor that they are in compliance.  It is likely that you already have these documents in your files.  If you need help to source or prepare required information, then click on that item to access the associated section in Part 3: Detailed References and Extracts.

PART 3:    References & Extracts to and from relevant web links, including useful templates.