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Additional Canola Standard Introduced to assist with unprecedented seasonal conditions

AOF introduces a new  receival standard for canola to assist with receipt and trading of weather-impacted canola,

In response to Industry queries to AOF regarding some unusual seasonal impacts on quality aspects of canola in NSW and Victoria, the AOF consulted with domestic crushers, exporters and bulk handlers to ascertain the extent of the quality impacts and to assess options for dealing with weather-impacted canola.

In addition to the already existing receival standards (CSO1 & CSO1a), the broad consensus was to establish an additional 2022/23 seasonal standard for canola for this harvest (only) that will provide a consistent guideline to receiving and ultimately trading the majority of weather-impacted canola that falls out-side CSO1 and CSO1a specifications.

Consequently, the AOF has established seasonal standard CSO1 (S) and CSO1a (S) both of which have a higher tolerance for seed with the appearance of mould at 40 seeds/1000. (CSO1 and CSO1a have 5 seeds/1000).  Industry may create their own grades/segregations outside the AOF Standards based on seasonal conditions in a regional area.

It is important to note that the highly unusual weather circumstances this year have led to this extra-ordinary review and subsequent issuing of a 2022/23 seasonal grade at this point in the season.  The existing AOF Standards for canola (CSO 1 and CSO 1a), published (August 1, 2022), remain effective for canola that meets the relevant CSO 1 and CSO 1a standards.

The additional seasonal standards for canola can be accessed through this link and have also been incorporated into the Oilseed Standards Booklet available on the AOF and GTA website.

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