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7th International Safflower Conference





Determination of growth habit in different safflower genotypesH. M. Ahmadi
Effects of sowing dates on yield and yield components of different spring safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) cultivars as a double crop in Yasouj, IranM. Alinaghizadeh, A. Dehdari, M. M. Dehnavi , H. Faraj, M. A. Gandomani
The economically important traits of safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) cultivars and lines cultivated in Tekirdag, TurkeyB. Arslan, E. Esendal, and C.Paşa
Effect of winter and spring sowing on yield and plant traits of safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.)E. Esendal, B. Arslan and C.Paşa
Effect of water stress on growth components of winter Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.)E. Esendal, A. Istanbulluoglu, B. Arslan and C.Paşa  
Nitrates in soil and ground water under irrigated crops in the United States Northern Great PlainsJ.L.A. Eckhoff, J.W. Bergman and C.R. Flynn
Agronomic and technological evaluation of a world safflower collection in Moroccan conditionsA. Nabloussi, M. El Fechtali and S. Lyagoubi
Evaluation of stability and adaptability for new spring safflower lines in different environmental conditions of IranA.H. Omidi
Development of safflower as a new winter crop for the Texas High PlainsJ.S. Oswalt, C.C. Lowery, R.C. Johnson and D.L. Auld
Study the effect of sowing dates on morphological and agronomical characters of two safflower cultivars in double cropping in Sanandaj regionB. Pasary, G. Noormohamadi, F. Darvish, H. Haydarisharifabadand G. M. Hanafi
Overwintering behaviour of 56 safflower (Carthamus spp.) genotypes under the conditions of Northeastern Germany in 2006/2007C. Reinbrecht and W. Claupein
Two decades of safflower in Madhya Pradesh from 1984-2004M.K.Saxena, J.Singh, S.L.Deshpande and R.Choudhari
No-till and N fertilization on safflower performanceS.K. Yau