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World Congress on Fats and Oils 2009

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Welcome to World Congress on Oils and Fats and the 28th ISF Congress, 2009. We have developed the Congress based on previous ISF programs encompassing the wide range of topics associated with edible fats and oils.  A major addition has been several pre- and post-Congress workshops available to delegates covering deep frying, lipid oxidation and olive oil.  This has allowed us to maximise the amount of technical information from the Congress in the brief period of time available.

I wish to welcome both local and international speakers. This broad group encompasses experts with many research interests as well as experts from industry who will provide delegates with an unlimited resource to further their understanding of lipids in almost any topic.  Hopefully, new and old associations will lead to information and even future collaborations to help further scientific knowledge on lipids.

I would like to thank our sponsors for making this Congress possible. The Australian Oilseed Federation, the Australian Olive Association and the large number of industries that took part have helped ensure the Congress will provide positive outcomes for everybody.

Thank you to the Organising Committee who designed the Congress and contributed personal time and expenses to make it happen. I also thank the Technical Committee who provided the input into program design, reviewing papers and posters and advice on the technical operations of the Congress. The time required of these busy people is significant and their contribution here has been invaluable and greatly appreciated.

This Congress is an opportunity to talk to many of the worlds leading specialists and experts on all topics of lipid science.

With best wishes,

Dr Rodney Mailer
Congress Chairman