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Program: Day 2

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Monday 28th September 2009

0830-0840Opening Address: The Hon. Ian Macdonald, Minister For Primary Industries
Parkside Auditorium
0840-0935Plenary Session
Werner Koerbitz
An Overview Of Biodiesel Developments Within Europe And Further Afield
Parkside Auditorium
Chair: Kerr Walker
Parkside AuditoriumParkside 110AParkside 110BParkside G04
Australian Oilseeds
Chair: Nick Goddard
Biodiesel: Raw Materials
Chair: Trent Potter
Chairs: Peter Nichols &
 Chris Carter
Olive Oil: Processing 
And Storage
Chairs: Leandro Ravetti
 & Martha Melgarejo
0940-0955Peter Clifton
Dietary Fat And 
Weight Loss
Sarachai Muchjajib
Jatropha Production In
 The Central Region Of
Brett Glencross
Defining The Optimal
Docosahexaenoic Acid
(DHA) Requirements of
 Juvenile Barramundi,
 Lates Calcarifer -
 A Key Diadromous
 Aquaculture Species
Hui Jun Chih
Extraction Of Western
Australian Olive Oil
0955-1010Andre Pouzet
Evolution of Oilseed Crops
 And Biodiesel In France:
 A Regional Approach
David Francis
Effects Of Total Dietary
C 1 8pufa On Fatty Acid
 Metabolism In Rainbow
Trout Fed Fish Oil
 Deprived Diets
Claudia Guillaume
Characterisation Of
Phenolic Compounds
In Oils Produced 
From Frosted Olives
1010-1025Peter Bordi
Comparing Trans-Fat-
Free High Oleic Canola
 Oil, Palm Oil, And Trans
 Fat Shortening Based 
On Sensory Evaluation
And Oil Degradation
Hidetoshi Kuramochi
Possibility Of Conversion
Of Unused Raw
Materials To The First - Or
 Second - Generation
Biodiesel Fuel
Mohamed Basseer
Effect Of 
Feeding Atlantic Salmon 
(Salmo Salar L.) A Diet
Enriched With Stearidonic 
Acid From Parr To Smolt
 On Growth And Omega-3
LC-PUFA Biosynthesis
Leandro Ravetti
Technological And
Biological Factors Affecting 
Sterols In Australian Olive
1025-1040Liu Changsheng
Influence Of Biodiesel
Characteristics With 
Distillate Tar Oil
Giovanni Turchini
Fish Oil Replacement,
Fatty Acid Metabolism
And Leptin In Farmed
Fish: A Comparative
Study On Rainbow
Trout And Murray Cod
Annette Bongartz
Organoleptic Assessment
 Of ‘Extra Virgin’ Olive
 Oil Combined With
 Sensory Evaluation
 Of Harmony And
 Persistency Including
 Aroma Description
1040-1110Morning Tea & Poster Sessions — Exhibition Area
Canadian Canola
Council - Canola Oil
 Nutrition: A Healthy 
Oil For A
Healthy Future
Chair: Rob Wilson
Chemical Processing
Chair: Andre Pouzet
Chair: Andrew Sinclair
Chair: Lucky Inturrisi
1100-1125Peter Jones
Canola Oil Heart Health
Yuwares Pengcharoen
Application Of Lipase 
Enzyme As A Biocatalyst 
For Biodiesel Production
 From Extracted Algal Oil
Nezihe Azcan
Production Of Valuable
Chemicals From Castor
Farah Salaria
Improved Efficiency By 
Indirect Heating During 
Oilseed/Grain Drying
1125-1140Pakawadee Kaewkannetra
Microalgae For Sustainable
Biodiesel Production: Close
System Cultivation In A
Photobioreactor Using
Wastewater From Ethanol
Production As Subtrate
Dhiraj Singh
Storage Stability Of
Mustard Oil Blends
Chen Hong
Optimization Of
Preparation Condition
And Properties Of
Phytosterols Liposome
1140-1155Robert Hunter
Canola Oil Promotion, And
Using Science To Market
 The Oil
Ramkrishna Sen
Biocatalytic Transesterification
Of Jatropha Oil For
Biodiesel Production: 
Process Dynamics,
Optimization And
 Performance Evaluation
Rainer Fabricius
Applications Short Path
Evaporators In The Oils &
 Fats And Oleochemical
Roland Verhé
Influence Of Chemical And
Physical Refining On The
Quality Of Rice Bran Oil
1155-1210Haryadi Haryadi
Preparation Of Biodiesel
(Methyl Ester) From Palm 
Oil Catalysed By Calcium
 Oxide As Solid
Heterogenous Catalyst
Laurence Eyres
Challenges In The Small
 Scale Processing Of 
Boutique Oils
Hsimin Huang
An Analytical Approach Of
Manufacturing A
Pumpable Shortening
1210-1225Willie H. Loh
Development Of High Oleic 
Canola For Australia
Ratna Dewi Kusumaningtyas
Design Of Reactive 
Distillation Process For A 
Sustainable Biodiesel
 Production From Palm Oil
Stefan Tordenmalm
6-Second NIR Analysis Of 
Intact Seeds, Oils, Meals
 And More
Rainer Kuehl
Where Is The Value In The
 Chain? - Perspectives Of
Canola Products In Europe
1225-1240Pilar Hidalgo
Studies On Oxidative
Degradation Of Biodiesel
 And Identification Of 
Byproducts Using Capillary 
Monte Blanding
Production Of
Aquaculture And Animal
 Feeds From De-Oiled
 Meals By Extrusion
Kamal Sadatesmailan
Effect Of Deficit Stress 
Impose On Seed In 
Laboratory On Antioxidant
Enzymes Activities In
Seedling Of Some Perennial 
Alfalfa Ecotypes
1240-1340Lunch & Poster Sessions — Exhibition Area
Health & Nutrition
Chair: Andrew Sinclair
Lipid Science And
Properties And
Constituents of Lipids
Chair: Klaus-Peter Eickhoff
Chair: Peter Nichols &
Chris Carter
Chair: Sefa Koseoglu
1340-1410Harjinder Singh
Delivery Of Bioactive Lipids

In Functional Foods
Laurence Eyres
Health And Nutrition Claims
 For Gourmet Boutique Oils
 Are They Justified?
Doug Tocher
Developments In Oil Usage 
Within Aquaculture In 
Europe: Research And
Pernille Gerstenberg Kirkeby
The Effect Of Change In
 Composition And Processing 
Of Crystallised Fat Products 
On Product Quality
Canola Oil And Meal
1410-1425Mona Poureisa
Effect Of Planting Date On
 Canola Phenology, Yield
 And Yield Component
Mahmoud Tahoun
Enzymatic Interesterification
Of Lipid Blends É É -
Developed Acidity
 Percentage And Free Fatty
 Acid Profiles As Rapid 
Tools For Controlling Lipase
Interesterification Operations
Matt Miller
Omega 3 Oil Sources For
Use In Aquaculture – 
Alternatives To The
Unsustainable Harvest Of
 Wild Fish
Marc Kellens
Oil Processing Challenges
 In The 21st Century:
Enzymes Key To Quality
 And Profitability
1425-1440Shengwu Hu
Characterization Of An
CMS In Brassica Napus L.
Mahmoud Tahoun
Enzymatic Interesterification 
Of Lipid Blends III.
 Percentage Of Tri-Saturated
Triglycerides (GS3) And
 Ascending Melting Point
(AMP) For Measuring The
Capacity Of Lipozyme SN-1,
3 TL IM, RM IM And The 
None Specific Novozyme
 435 In The Interesterification
 Of Different Lipid Blends
Mohammed Aliyu Paiko
Performance Of Palm-Based Oils In Replacing Fish Oil
As Aquafeed Ingredient
For Nile Tilapia, African
Catfish, Iridescent Shark
 And Snakehead -
 A Review of Dietary Fish Oil Replacement
1440-1455Zhiping Shen
Canola Oil Bodies And
 Natural Food Emulsions
Roberta Silva
Physico-Chemical Properties
 Of Structured Lipids
 Produced With Lard And 
Soybean Oil By Enzymatic
Interesterification In A
 Continuous Packed-Bed
Ramez Alhazzaa
Growth Of Barramundi,
Lates Calcarifer, Fed
Different Dietary Oils At Two Salinities
Olivier Rousseaux
Grinding Efficiency In The Aquafeed Industry
1455-1510Chakra Wijesundera
Canola Oils With Improved
 Oxidative Stability: Potential
Utilization Of Phenolic
 Compounds Naturally
 Occurring In Canola
Fenghong Huang
Optimization Of Chemical
Synthesis Of Phytosterol
Esters Of Polyunsaturated
 Fatty Acids By Response Surface Methodology
Nutnicha Chodchoey
Omega3 -Polyunsaturated 
Fatty Acids Production By
Microalga Aurantiochytrium
Mangrovei Sk-02 As The 
Effect Of Carbon Sources 
And Growth Environments
Bavec Franc
Development Of Production 
Systems And Processing
Technology For High
Quality Of Edible Pumpkins 
Seed Oil
1510-1525Trent Potter
Change In Grain Quality
 Of Historical Canola
 Varieties In Australia
Norizzah Abd Rashid
Application Of Water-Based 
And Lipid- Based Stearin 
Wax Coatings To Improve 
The Quality And Shelf-Life 
Of Seedless Guavas 
(Psidium Guajava L.)
Melissa Gregory
Cloning And Functional
Characterization Of A
Southern Bluefin Tuna
(Thunnus Maccoyii) Fatty
Acyl Elongase
Zainal Zainal
The Correlation Between Dielectricity Method
 And Micro Column Chroma-
tography In Determining
The Total Polar Material In 
Some Frying Media
1525-1540James Neilson
Roundup Ready Canola:
 Industry Benifits From Crop
Performance And Chemistry
Gloria Márquez-Ruiz
Chemical Changes Of
Lipid Oxidation Compounds
Under Simulated Gastric
Peter Nichols
Lipids In Aquaculture At
 2009 ISF – An Update 
On Key Findings
Kushal Raj
Information Technology For
Oilseeds Improvement –
An Overview & Future
1540-1610Afternoon Tea & Poster Sessions — Exhibition Area
Health & Nutrition:
Chair: Manohar Garg
Lipid Science And
Lipid Applications
Chair: Ian Mack
Malaysian Palm Oil
Chair: Phil Salisbury
Chair: Anthony May
1600-1625Andrew Sinclair
DPA (22:5n-3) Down
Regulates The Expression 
Of Genes Involved In Fatty 
Acid Synthesis In Liver Cells
Margaret Campbell
Fatty Acids For Food And
Mohd. Basri Wahid
The Competitiveness Of
Malaysian Biodiesel Vis A
Vis The EU Directives On 
Renewable Energy
Phil Calvi
Unity 3600 FTNIR Instrument
 For Determining Iodine
 Value And % Trans Fat
Crop Biofactories
1625-1640Michelle Micallef
Phytosterols Combined
 With Oils Rich In Eicosapentaenoic
 Or Docosahexaenoic Acid: 
A Potential Treatment For
Jason Ryan
Development Of A Rapid
 Screening Method For 
Long Chain Polyunsaturated 
Fatty Acid Producing
 Marine Bacteria
Allan Green
Developing Crop
Biofactories To Renewably
 Produce Industrial Raw
Nezihe Azcan
Microwave Assisted
Dehydration Of Castor Oil
1640-1655Mahinda Abeywardena
Beyond LDL-Cholesterol:
Vascular Endothelium As A
Target For Modulation For
Optimal Cardiovascular
Peter Nichols
Signature Lipids - A Tool To
Monitor Climate And
 Environmental Change In
 Top Level Predators
Cameron Begley
Advanced Biomaterials
From Novel Plant Products
Veronique Barthet
Effect Of Heating On The
Antioxidant Activity Of A
Partly Purified Flax Extract
1655-1710Melinda Phang
Redefining Platelet
Aggregatory Response To 
Long Chain Omega-3
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids
Roghayeh Ezzati
Definition Of The Most
 Suitable Tomato Juice To 
Provide Leaf Lets And The
 Effect Of Dioxiode Sulfur
On Its Quality
Chun Byung-Soo
Extraction Of Wheat Bran 
Oil Using Supercritical
Carbon Dioxide
1710-1725Murray Skeaff
Serum Fatty Acids Measured
 As Molecular Percentage
 But Not Concentration
 Predict The Differential 
Effects Of Dietary Saturated
 And Polyunsaturated Fat On
 Serum Cholesterol
Malaysian Palm Oil Board
Chiew Let Chong
Comparison Of Thermal
 Behaviour And
 Polymorphism Of Palm Oil
 And Palm Kernel Oil
1730-1830William Farrer Memorial Trust Award & Lecture
Poster Sessions And Drinks — Exhibition Area