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Program: Day 3

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Tuesday 29th September 2009

0830-0925Plenary Session
Alejandro Marangoni
Structuring Liquid Oils Using Non-Conventional Strategies: Organogels, Crystal Hydrates And Polymers
Parkside Auditorium
Chair: Laurence Eyres
Parkside AuditoriumParkside 110AParkside 110BParkside G04
Health And Nutrition: 
Nutrient Delivery

Chair: Roslyn Prinsley
Malaysian Palm Oil Council: 
Nutrition Of Lipids/Oil & Fats

Chair: Oliver Mandal
Lipid Science And Technology

Chair: Lucky Inturrisi

Chair: Alison Coates
0930-0945Yafei Ivy Zhang
The Endocannabinoids
System And Dietary Fatty
Jeff Volek
An Updated Perspective 
On The Role Of Dietary 
Saturated Fat On
 Cardiovascular Risk
Ata Rehman
Microsatellite Markers To
 Distinguish Olive (Olea
Europaea L.) Cultivars And
Genotypes Of Australia
Jon Buckley
Anti-Obesity Effects Of 
Long-Chain Omega-3
 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids
0945-1000Su Peng Loh
In Vitro Antioxidant And 
Antiproliferative Properties
 Of Two Microalgae Oil
Anne Calmon
Near Infrared Spectroscopy
 (NIRS) For Improvement In
 Sunflower Breeding For 
Fatty Acids And Minor 
Natalie Sinn
The Mental Health Effects
 Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids
1000-1015Suzanne Mashtoub
Emu Oil Increases Crypt
 Depth But Fails To Affect 
Other Indicators Of Colonic
 Integrity In A Rat Model Of
Pramod Khosla
Health Effects Of Palm Oil
– Looking Beyond The
 Saturated Fatty Acids
Alejandro G. Marangoni
Thermomechanical Method
 For The Determination Of 
The Fractal Dimension In
 Fat Crystal Networks
1015-1030Mahabaleshwar Hegde
Flax Bio-Village Concept -
Linseed Value Chain For
 Omega-3 Nutritional Security
Kalyana Sundram
Impact Of Fat Modification
 Processes On Nutritional
Søren Krogh Jensen
Lecithin And BHT Act As
 Synergistic Antioxidants In
Peter Howe
Omega-3 Status, Intake 
Requirements And Food
1030-1100Morning Tea & Poster Sessions — Exhibition Area
Obesity And Diabetes:
Paradigms In An
 Environment Of Excess

Sponsored by
 Rylstone Olive Press
Chair: Rod Mailer
Lipid Science And
 Characterisation And 
Analysis Of Lipids

Chair: Laurence Eyres
Meal And Animal 

Chair: Rakesh Agarwal
Health And Nutrition: 
Omega 3

Chair: Manohar Garg
1100-1115Katherine Samaras
The Role For Fats In Weight 
Loss Reduction
Cecilia Requejo-Jackman
Cold Pressed Avocado Oil
- Impact Of Pre-Processing 
Lilik Retna Kartikasari
Omega-3 Enrichment Of
 Chicken Meat Following The
 Consumption Of Omega-3 
Rich Vegetable Oils
Kalyana Sundram
The Chain Length Of
 Saturated Fatty Acids 
Affects Human Postprandial 
1115-1130Christian Gertz
Natural And Synthetic 
Additives For An Optimized
 Frying Process
Colin William Bignell
Influence Of Lupins And
 Canola Supplement On
 Short Loin Fatty Acid Profiles 
Within Genetically
 Divergent First Cross
 Merino Lambs
Kazuo Miyashita
Novel Functionality Of
 Brown Seaweed Lipids As 
Rich Source Of Omega-3
 And Omega-6
 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids
 With Special Reference To 
Bioactive Carotenoid,
1130-1145Sophie Zoungas
Targeting Lipid Fractions
 Other Than LDL-C To
Improve Cardiovascular
 Disease Risk In
Toshiharu Nagai
Quantification Of 
Triacylglycerol Positional 
Isomers In Edible Oil By
 Recycle High-Performance
 Liquid Chromatography 
Coupled To Atmospheric
 Pressure Chemical Ionization
 Mass Spectrometry
Aduli Malau-Aduli
Influence Of Lupins And 
Canola Supplements On 
Plasma Amino Acids, Wool 
Fibre Diameter And 
Liveweight In Genetically
 Divergent First Cross 
Merino Lambs
Wei-Chun Tu
The Effect Of Dietary &
 α-Linolenic Acid Levels
 On Regulation Of
 Omega-3 Lipid Synthesis 
In Rat
1145-1200Stefan Tordenmalm
6-Second NIR Analysis Of
 Fatty Acid Profile In Intact
 Canola Rapeseed,
 Soybeans And Sunflower
Ronaldo Lopes Oliveira
Milk Composition Of
 Grazing Dairy Cows
 Supplemented With Licury
Teruyoshi Yanagita And 
Koji Nagao
Bioactive Phospholipids
 And The Prevention Of
 Metabolic Syndrome
1200-1215Reginal V Lord
Resolution Of Dyslipidaemia
 Post Bariatric Surgery
Marta Lubary
Integrated Synthesis And
 Separation Of 
Diacylglycerols And Fatty
 Acid Ethyl Esters Using 
Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Ronaldo Lopes Oliveira
Sensory Evaluation Of Young 
[Syagrus Coronata (Martius)
 Beccari] Oil
Tufail Sherazi
Trans Fat Determination In
 The Industrially Processed
 Edible Oils By Transmission 
FT-IR Spectroscopy
1215-1230Darine Salam

Affect Of Oil Loading And
 Mixing Regime On Oxygen
 Depletion And Toxicity In 
Aqueous Media Impacted 
By Vegetable Oil Spill
Ronaldo Lopes Oliveira
Nutrients Digestibility By
 Sheep Fed Palm Kernel
 Cake (Elaeis Guineensis) 
From Biodiesel Production
Lisa Philp
The Effect Of High
 Saturated And High N-3
Polyunsaturated Fat Diets
 On Obesity In Mice
1230-1330Lunch & Poster Sessions — Exhibition Area
Health And Nutrition: 
Public Health

Chair: Barbara Eden
 Novel Processing

Chair: André Pouzet
Biotechnology: Engineering Long
 Chain PUFA And 
Structured Lipids

Chair: Phil Salisbury

Chair: JS Rao
1330-1400Maria Makrides
Omega 3 Fatty Acids:
 The Good Oil For Infants
Roland Verhé
New Technologies For
 Biodiesel Production Using
Alternative Resources
Allan Green
Plant Oil Biotechnology
Achievements and
Greg Hatfield
A Review Of The Impact
 Of Extraction Conditions 
And Seed Quality On
Canola Oil Characteristics
Heart Foundation

B Eden, AM Mackintosh, C Colyer, M Cobcoft, S Malonely, T Monaghan

Scientific Evidence - Policy -
 Food Supply Practice: A
Continuum Of Partnerships
Working To Improve 
Australia’s Health

Katsuki Kusakabe
Biodiesel Production From
 Sunflower Oil And Waste 
Cooking Oil In Microtube
Surinder Singh
Engineering Of Long-
Chain Polyunsaturated
Fatty Acids In Plant Oils
Michel Linder
Deep Frying Oil With Low 
Saturated Fatty Acids For 
Fast Food Restaurants:
Kinetics of Physico-
Chemical Parameters
 During Frying Ageing
1415-1430Ernst A. Stadlbauer
Processing Of Lipids And
 Free Fatty Acids In Biodiesel 
Raw Materials To
Hydrocarbon Based Fuels
Mulan Jiang
Isolation And
Characterization Of A
 Delta 6 Desaturase Gene
From Cunninghamella
Echinulate And Production
 Of Gamma-Linolenic Acid
 In Pichia Pastoris
Sri Raharjo
Quality Deterioration In
Commercial Virgin
Coconut Oil Due To
Photo-oxidation And
1430-1445Sabrina Stengl
Thermocatalytic Production
 Of Hydrocarbons From
Lipids Of Meat And Bone 
Mikhail Vyssotski
New Zealand Ferns As A 
Source Of Polyunsaturated
Fatty Acids
Monte Blanding
Production Of Textured 
Vegetable Proteins From
 De-Oiled Meals
1445-1500Nicholas Leadbeater
Microwave Heating As A 
Fast, Easy Tool For
 Preparing Biodiesel
Jaroslav Kralovec
Production Of Omega-3 
Fatty Acid Concentrates
From Fish And Algal Oils
 And Their Structural
Assessment By NMR
Kamal Dhawan
Development Of Mustard 
Oil Blends For Quality
Nutrition And Cuisine 
Panel Discussion

“What Is The Best Oil 
To Buy For Home Use”


Alex Herbert

Stewart White

Norihiro Ikeda
Interfacial Phenomena In
 The Processes Of Biodiesel
 Productions From Sunflower
 Oil And Waste Cooking 
Oil In Alkaline Methanol 
Suk Hoo Yoon
Development Of
 Phospholipases To Produce
 Structured Phospholipids
Luciene Ara Campos
Effect Of Different
Degumming Processes On 
Minor Compounds In
 Canola Crude Oil
1515-1530Dean Mercurio

Coral Colyer
Food Supply 
Operations Manager -
 Heart Foundation

Catherine Saxelby

Nutritionist and Author
Pudji Hastuti
Enzymatic Synthesis Of
 Fatty Acid Methyl Esters 
From Jatropha Oil Using
 Acetone-Dried Germinated
Jatropha Curcas L. Seeds
Selim Kermasha
Development Of
Biotechnological Processes
 For The Production Of
Novel Natural Antioxidants
 And Nutraceuticals
Claudio Ceccato
The Effect Of A Pre-Heated 
Canola Seed Oil On The 
Oxidative Stability Of A
 Tuna Oil-In-Water
 Emulsion System
1530-1600Afternoon Tea & Poster Sessions — Exhibition Area
Health And Nutrition:
Obesity And Diabetes

Chair: Peter MacSmith
Environment And

Chair: Werner Koerbitz
Enhanced Food Oils
And Novel Industrial

Chair: Greg Buzza
Minor Components 
In Olive Oil

Chair: Lanfranco Conte
1600-1615Elizabeth Neale
Relationship Between 
Habitual Fish Intake And
Markers Of Metabolic
Syndrome In A Sample Of
Overweight Volunteers For 
A Dietary Intervention
Ramkrishna Sen
Bioconversion Of Glycerol 
Into Lipopeptide
Biosurfactants: An Efficient
 Way To Utilize The By
 Product Of Biodiesel 
Phil Salisbury
High Oleic,Low Linolenic 
(HOLL) Specialty Canola
Development In Australia
Maria Z Tsimidou
Squalene, A Rather
Neglected Constituent Of
 Virgin Olive Oil
(Technological And
Nutritional Aspects)
1615-1630Mojgan Nourian
Assessment Of Dietary Fat
 Intake In Obese Girls
Ehiaze Ehimen
Process Design And
Technological Assessment 
Of Microalgal Derived
Biodiesel Via The In-Situ
 Transesterification Process
Nelson Gororo
Monola Oil: High Stability 
Canola Oil In Australia
Wenceslao Moreda
New Method To Determine 
Fatty Acid Alkyl Esters In
Olive Oils And The Use As
 A New Quality 
Health And Nutrition:
1630-1645Laurence Eyres
Boutique Healthy Oils
 Versus Commodities - A Future?
Frank Connor
Rapid Analysis And
Production Control In
Biofuel Production -Using
 Near Infrared Spectroscopy
Qing Liu
Genetically Modified
Cottonseed Oil With 
Enhanced Oleic Acid
 Content And Significantly
Reduced Palmitic And
Cyclopropenoid Fatty Acids
Marie Wong
Effect Of Olive Maturity At
 Harvest On Quality Of 
Extra Virgin Olive Oil In
New Zealand
1645-1700Danaé Sonja Larsen
MRI And Confocal
Microscopy: New Tools To 
Study The Lipid Distribution
 Of New Zealand King
Salmon (Oncorhynchus Tshawytscha) During
 Thermal Processing
André Pouzet
Crop Management And 
Environmental Efficiency Of 
Biodiesel In France.
John Dodson
Stewardship Practices
 Required In The Production
Of Value-Added Soybeans
Roland Verhé
Minor Components As
 Markers Of Olive Oil
 Authenticity And Quality
1700-1715Lanfranco Conte
PAHS In Edible Fats And 
Oils, An Overview Of Their
Occurrence And Related 
Analytical Techniques
Werner Koerbitz
The Ideal Fatty Acid Profile
 For An Improved Biodiesel
Jonathan Wolfson
Industrial Commercialization
Of Renewable Oil Production From
Heterotrophic Algae
Annette Bongartz
Sensory Trends In The
 Olive Oil Market - A Swiss
1715-1730Mabel Blades
Tips For Getting Published
 In Academic Texts
Kerr Walker
The Feasibility Of Biodiesel
 Production At Different
Xue-Rong Zhou
Engineering Novel Industrial
 Oil In Seeds
Lothar Boers
Changing Or Non Changing
 Of Special Parameters 
During The Storage Time
Of ‘Extra Vergine Olive
 Oil’ Under Different
 Storage Conditions
Poster Session — Exhibition Area
1715-1730Congress Dinner — Crystal Palace, Luna Park