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Program: Day 4

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Wednesday 30th September 2009

0830-0950Plenary Session
Rod Mailer, Maria Tsimidou, Martha Melgarejo
Diversity In Olive Oil
Parkside Auditorium
Chair: Paul Miller
Parkside AuditoriumParkside 110AParkside 110BParkside G04
Health And Nutrition:
 Public Health
Chair: Karen Murphy
Lipid Science And
Technology: Physical
 Chemistry Of Lipids
Chair: Richard Cantrill
Canola Oil And Meal
Chair: Nick Goddard
0950-1005Wendy Morgan
Application Of The Science
On Omega-3s To
Public Health
Alejandro Marangoni
Nanoscale Particle
 Interactions In Crystal
 Networks Of Edible Fats
Waldemar Wardencki
A Novel Sample Preparation
Procedures For Assessment
Of Canola Oil Quality
Malaysian Palm Oil Board
1005-1020Nimal Ratnayake
Trans Fatty Acids In The
Canadian Food Supply
Phillip Clancy
Near Infrared
Transmission (NIT)
Spectroscopy As Applied
To Fats And Oils
Rajinder Singh
Mining The Oil Palm
Genome For Enhancing
1020-1035Jane Fauser
Fatty Acids: Novel Bioactive
Anti-Cancer Therapeutics?
Jonathan Curtis
Characterisation Of
Oligmers In Vegetable
Oils By LC/MS Using
Atmospheric Pressure
Photoionisation (APPI)
And Electrospray
Ionisation (ESI)
Mass Spectrometry
Kalanithi Nesaretnam
Phylonutrients In Palm Oil
And Their Health Benefits
1035-1100Morning Tea & Poster Sessions — Exhibition Area
1100Exhibition Close
Health And Nutrition: 
Public Health
Chair: Richard Meyer
Lipid Science And
Nutritional And Other
 Properties Of Lipids
Chair: Lucky Inturrisi
Meal And Animal
Chair: Ed Clayton
Olive Oil:
 Natural Variability 
Of Olive Oils
Chairs: Rod Mailer &
Maria Tsimidou
1100-1130Lisa Wood
Carotenoids, Inflammation
And Asthma
Philip Calder
Future Directions For
Nutritional And
Therapeutic Research
In Omega-3 Lipids
Nigel Scollan
Nutritional Approaches To
Enhancing The Content Of
Beneficial Fatty Acids In
Christian Gertz
Olive Oil - Authentication
Of European Virgin Olive
1100-1145Paromita Das Dutta
Diversity And Balance In
Ethnic Indian Diet Patterns
Dawn Scott
Otimisation Of The
Enzymatic Enrichment
And Modification Of
Phospholipids With
Phospholipase A1
Hamed Kioumarsi
In-Sacco Technique For
Estimation Of Ruminal 
Degradability Of Soybean,
Canola, And Cottonseed 
Lanfranco Conte
Purity And Quality
 Assessment Of Olive
 Oils, Between Need For
 Rules And Methods 
Harmonisation, Analytical
 Methods Improvements
 And Changes In 
Composition As Depending
 On New Cultivation Sites
1145-1200P Nazni
Efficacy Of Nutraceuticals 
On Blood Glucose And 
Lipid Profile Among South
Indian Type 2 Diabetic
Andrew Mackenzie
Ether Phospholipids Of
Alain Quinsac
Characteristics Of The 
Expeller Rapeseed Meal
 Production In Farms And
Industrial Plants In France. 
Assessment Of The Meal
 Stability In Long-Term 
Storage And The
Energetic Value On 
1200-1215Erlando Medina
Effect Of Dietary
Supplementation With Yagua
Palm (Attalea Butyracea)
Oil On Cardiovascular
Disease Biomarkers In Rats
Mikhail Vyssotski
Fluorinated Esters In A
 Rapid GC Analysis Of
 Very Long Chain Fatty
Denis McGee
Reactive Lysine As A Rapid 
Assessment Tool For
 Protein Quality In Canola Meal
Azadeh Niroomand
Adaptability Study Of 5
cv.S Olive In Warm
 Climate Conditions
1215-1230Huong Cao
Efficacy Of Vitamin A 
Fortified Cooking Oil On 
Nutritional Status And
 Infection Incidents Of 
Vietnamese Children
3-5 Years Old
Eduard Nekrasov
Production Of Novel
 From Sphingomyelin
 By Phospholipase D 
From Streptomyces 
Søren Krogh Jensen
Quality Demands For 
Canola Proteins For 
Martha Melgarejo
Compositional Analysis Of 
Arbequina Olive Oil From
1230Congress Close