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Annual Timetable and Fees

Sustainable Grain Australia is fully funded by the participating companies. There is no cost for growers to trade ISCC certified grain under Sustainable Grain Australia.

The Sustainable Grain Australia year runs from 1 March each year until the end of February the following year. Growers delivering grain up to the end of February will be included in the Central Office pool and audits in that year. Growers delivering grain from 1 March onwards will be included in the following year’s pool and audits.

Fees are payable by participating companies as follows:

Fee Description Amount
(excl. GST)
Participation Fee (One off) $9,927.00 On Application
Annual Fee (2020/21)1 $4,000.00 30 June 2020
Per Grower Fee (2020/21)2 $63.30 50% 30 June (pre audit)
50% 30 Sept (post audit)
  1. Annual Fee waived for AOF Financial Members as at 1 March.
  2. Per Grower Fee based on 2019/20 pool of growers (discounted pro-rata where multiple traders per grower).
  • Invoices are payable 30 days from data of invoice.
  • AOF reserves the right to apply additional charges where additional costs are incurred by the Central Office through late or incorrect information from traders.