Oilseeds Federation

The Australian Oilseeds Federation Inc. (AOF) was established in 1970 to represent the common interests of all Australian oilseed industry participants and to promote the development, expansion and improvement of Australian oilseed production.


Breakfast Seminar – Food Authenticity and Commercialisation

11 Feb 2020 7:30 am - 8:30 am

If you are in a regulatory or R&D role dealing with foods that contain oils and fats, this is a must attend event.

Market and regulatory obstacles to selling premium and innovative food products are on the rise. Two major impediments to protecting your brand or bringing your new product to market are: food fraud and regulations falling behind the advent of new food technologies. This breakfast seminar addresses scientific solutions to identifying and preventing food fraud, as well as highlighting regulatory obstacles to successful commercialisation of food products.

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for the Food Authenticity and Commercialisation Breakfast Seminar