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The soybean industry is represented by Soy Australia which was formed with the support of the following organisations:

  • Australian Oilseeds Federation (AOF)
  • Northern Australian Soybean Industry Association (NASIA)
  • North Coast Oilseed Growers Association (NCOGA)
  • Riverina Soybean Growers Association (RSGA)

Membership to Soy Australia is open to all those involved in the soybean value chain.

The Australian soybean industry is a relatively small and complex, but valuable industry. While Australian soybean industry is small by global standards, it plays an important role in many farming systems across Australia and is increasingly providing a higher value crop option for growers.

The industry's complexity arises from both its geographical spread and its diversity of market uses. Soy Australia has been formed to drive the growth and development of the soybean industry nationally.