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Government Submissions

When appropriate, the AOF represents members' interest through submission to government enquiries, reviews and white paper development.

Members are invited to approach the AOF to make a submission on their behalf. Requests will be reviewed in line with the AOF Mission of providing leadership to the Australian oilseeds industry, coordinating activities that will achieve optimised profitability for all sectors of the value chain.

Submission available for public review are listed below:

AOF Submission to Office of the Gene Technology Regulator on Review of the Gene Technology Regulations (Dec 2016) 

AOF Submission to Aust Govt response to Taiwan on proposed changes to Taiwan Labelling Laws (April 2015) 

AOF Submission to the Issues Paper on Agricultural Competitiveness (April 2014) 

AOF Submission to the NH&MRC Draft Australian Dietary Guidleines (Feb 2012) 

AOF Submission to the enquiry into Palm Oil Labelling (August 2011)

AOF Response to the Blewett Review into Food Labelling (May 2011)