Oilseeds Federation

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The Australian Oilseeds Federation Inc. (AOF) was established in 1970 to represent the common interests of all Australian oilseed industry participants and to promote the development, expansion and improvement of Australian oilseed production.


Canola Association of Australia

From a small beginning in 1982 the Association has grown to a membership of approximately 500 to provide a communication base for all sectors of the canola industry.  Members include growers, crushers, end users and those involved in research, agronomy and marketing. The aim is to promote the canola industry at all levels and to increase production of canola and expand the use of canola oil and meal.

The Role Of The CAA

Over the years, the CAA has had a major role in many important issues for the canola industry.

The CAA:

  • Disseminates information to members by publishing a newsletter four times a year and through our website
  • Developed blackleg testing protocols and coordinates and publishes the official blackleg resistance ratings
  • Has held canola expos and conferences in the past and from 2004 will hold biennial expos/conferences around southern Australia
  • Held the permit for the use of triazine herbicides on TT canola until registration was achieved and then assisted in the development of stewardship protocols
  • Publishes fact sheets and disseminates them to growers
  • Has held and will continue to hold research workshops for pests and diseases to determine priorities for research programs. As a result, a canola plant pathologist was appointed for southern NSW· Coordinates and disseminates the monthly canola area and production estimates
  • Is a member of the Gene Technology Grains Committee (GTGC) and was involved in the development of protocols for the marketing of different market streams of canola
  • Coordinates a national response to major industry issues· Represents the canola industry as an executive member of the Australian Oilseeds Federation. (The AOF is the oilseeds industry’s peak industry body. 

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