Oilseeds Federation

The Australian Oilseeds Federation Inc. (AOF) was established in 1970 to represent the common interests of all Australian oilseed industry participants and to promote the development, expansion and improvement of Australian oilseed production.


Australian Sunflower Association

With the rapid expansion of the sunflower crop back in the 1970ís a group of industry people and growers decided an industry body should be established. The Australian Sunflower Association was formed in June 1976.

The objectives of the Association are:

  • Promotion of the Australian Sunflower Industry
  • Assist in organising seminars and workshops
  • Establish publications as official journals of the Association
  • Foster sunflower research
  • To establish contact with other similar industry associations, both domestically and internationally.

Membership of the ASA consists of growers, researchers and personnel from all facets of the industry. These include the seed industry, crushing, refining, manufacturing, chemical and handling organisations etc.

The function of the Australian Sunflower Association now, is to act as a voice for all sectors of the industry. Initially, the ASA was involved in the promotion of a developing industry. This resulted in a significant growth and during the 1980ís there were large sunflower seed exports from Australia, principally from central Queensland. In more recent years drought in the traditional growing areas contributed to a reduction in production and Australia is currently an importer of sunflower oil.

More recently there has been the development of the new monounsaturated (high oleic) sunflower, commonly referred to as mono sunflower.

Today the Australian Sunflower Association needs to assist growers to capitalise on the new developments and opportunities. The principle aim is to develop grower confidence in the new and traditional sunflower types through high yields and sunflowers' contribution to more profitable farming systems.

Australian Sunflower Association